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About Antivirus.wiki

Antivirus.wiki is an international leader in the comparison of cybersecurity products. We aim to consistently find the best products and deals that solve consumers’ needs at the best price. We continuously update our offer according to the latest industry developments, roll out more products to compare and expand our comparisons to new regions globally.

Momento Ventures

Antivirus.wiki is part of Momento Ventures’ growing network of comparison and deal platforms. Poised to become the leading authority in cyber security B2C advice, the group has launched a range of comparison portals, serving 100 of thousands of users each month in a variety of topics. Momento Ventures is dedicated to delivering unbiased, impartial, and independent information to customers.

Contact us

We love to hear from you, whether it is customer feedback or a partnership proposal. Please keep in mind that we are a comparison website, not an antivirus provider. This means we don’t handle the after sale support:

For product returns, payment questions or after-sales support, please contact the antivirus brand in question.


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